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several years ago, the ice maker in Jim's home freezer broke...

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Too cheap to get it fixed, he made ice in regular ice cube trays for several months. One day, he decided to buy a bag of ice at the supermarket and noticed that – unlike the cloudy cubes coming out of his home freezer – commercially produced ice was clear.

Captivated by the beauty of the crystal-clear ice in his glass, Jim embarked on an internet search to figure out how he could make it at home. While the methods he discovered yielded good results, the process required a lot of freezer space and work,  and took forever. He figured there had to be a better way, and so he attempted to make his own compact, easy-to-use, quicker freezing version.

After filling his kitchen and garage with imperfect prototypes for most of a year, Jim landed on one that worked very well. ClearlyFrozen was born and distributed to friends and family. Eventually, Jim decided to share his invention more widely. It remains the lowest cost product on the market for the number of cubes it yields – by far!