crystal-clear as the glass you put it in

clear ice. at home.

        What it is

  • The easy-to-use, high capacity ClearlyFrozen ice tray uses "directional freezing" to make ten 2" glass-like artisanal ice cubes overnight with tap water in an ordinary freezer.

  • It uses proportionately less freezer space to make far more cubes than any other clear ice tray on the market.

  • It costs a fraction of the price of other clear ice products that make only four cubes, or maybe only two.

  • Great for home use, and for craft cocktails in high end bars and restaurants.

  • Totally unique - makes a perfect gift for a housewarming, Yankee swap, holiday grab or other occasion, and won't end up being re-gifted!



In a regular ice cube tray, the ice freezes from all sides toward the center of the cube, trapping a cloud of dissolved air and other impurities in the center. The ClearlyFrozen ice cube tray, however, works just like a lake in the wintertime, by freezing from the top down. The "directional freezing" process pushes the cloud to the bottom of the cube and through the hole at the bottom of the tray, leaving you with ice as crystal-clear as your glass. 


FREE shipping!*


Ten 2" clear cubes at an unbeatable price. Have a cube for every drink at your next dinner party! *Free shipping  in the United States only, but available internationally at additional cost. 


Interviewed by New York Magazine, the legendary San Francisco-based cocktail journalist Camper English, of, who pioneered directional freezing, calls it:

"The clear ice-cube tray that’s the best bang for your buck.”

And our satisfied customers can tell you all about our easy-to-use, high capacity clear ice cube tray.

So clear it virtually disappears in a drink!
— JoAnne of Hingham, MA
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