detailed instructions

to make cubes as clear as your glass...

France & UK Under A Clear Glacier.jpg

Do not be concerned that the ten 2” cube ClearlyFrozen ice cube tray isn’t as bulky, complicated and expensive as other products that make only a few clear cubes.  We follow the philosophy that the simplest answer is usually the right one - the ClearlyFrozen ice cube tray makes more with less.

1. The ClearlyFrozen ice cube tray consists of three parts – a blue silicone ice tray, a clear plastic liner and a white foam box. THE FOAM BOX IS NOT PACKING MATERIAL - DO NOT DISCARD!

2. WARNING – Please handle the plastic liner carefully to avoid tearing. If it is accidentally torn, it is easily fixed with a piece of tape.

3. Please be sure to hand wash the blue silicone tray and the clear plastic liner thoroughly with soap and hot water before using for the first time – do not place in a dishwasher.  The foam box will not come in contact with your ice, and does not need to be washed.

4. To use, simply put the plastic liner into the foam box, partially fill the plastic liner with water,  scrunch up and put the blue tray into the plastic liner, top the blue tray off to the rim and put the whole assembly into the freezer.

5. There is no need to filter, boil or otherwise treat the water - ordinary tap water is fine.

6. ClearlyFrozen ice is made using “directional freezing.” Ice made at home normally freezes from all sides, trapping a cloud of dissolved air in the middle. By contrast, the ClearlyFrozen foam box insulates the sides and bottom of the ice tray, so the ice freezes from the top down, pushing the cloud down and out through the little holes in the tray bottom.

7. For clearest results, remove the ClearlyFrozen tray/ liner/shell assembly from the freezer before the ice has quite frozen to the bottom of the blue tray, and there is still unfrozen water below. The ice will be a bit uneven on the bottom, but clear as glass - look at England and France under 2" of ClearlyFrozen ice, while the rest of Europe is obscured by normally cloudy homemade ice.

8. For a different visual effect, you can let the ice freeze down further and get cubes with tiny clear bubbles at the bottom, like a splash of frozen club soda.  Freezing it solid will not hurt the tray, but will force some of "the cloud" back up into the bottom of the cube.

9. It may take a few experiments to determine the best freezing time, depending on the freezer temperature and where the assembly is placed in the freezer. 16 hours is a good starting point.

10. WARNING – If the ClearlyFrozen tray/liner/box assembly is difficult to separate after freezing, do not force it apart – allow it to thaw until it comes apart easily. Running hot water on the outside of the liner will help release the blue tray. More hot water will help release any ice frozen to the bottom of the blue tray.

11. Do not store ClearlyFrozen ice in the tray/liner/box assembly. After freezing, ice should be removed from the tray and stored in an ice bin or  bag - a plastic bag is fine, but a paper bag will absorb excess moisture and help prevent the cubes from sticking to each other.

12. Before you place ClearlyFrozen ice in a drink, leave it out at room temperature for a few minutes - this helps prevent cracking.

13. If a white residue begins to build up on the blue tray, it can be cleaned off with a vinegar/water mixture.