I’ve been on the hunt for an affordable clear ice cube solution for the last 3 years. After many failed attempts and useless products, I came across ClearlyFrozen - within a week I put them in all 12 restaurants!! Could not be happier, thank you!!
— Rachael, Manager of Service & Hospitality, Nashville-based restaurant chain - tried one - came back for 24 more!



If your bar or restaurant takes pride in its drinks, then you know a great drink requires clear ice, and that scotch, bourbon or anything else "on the rocks" looks best poured over one big clear one.

Where can you get big clear ice cubes?  Perhaps you have a Clinebell clear ice machine - $5,500, takes up a lot of room, uses a lot of electricity, requires a lot of maintenance and needs 3-4 days to make a 300 pound clear block that you have to cut up with a chain saw and a chisel.  Perhaps you buy clear blocks from a vendor and cut them up.  Or perhaps you buy pre-cut clear cubes from a vendor - at maybe 50 cents or even a dollar for a single 2" cube. 

Whichever way, it's either expensive, a hassle or both.  A founder of the Washington State Bartender's Guild estimates that a clear "ice program" adds about 60 to 80 cents to the cost of a drink. "That's a pretty expensive ingredient," he says.

However, for very short dollars you can buy enough of our easy-to-use, high capacity (10 x 2")  ClearlyFrozen ice cube trays to stock your bar for the whole night with beautiful 2" clear cubes FOR FREE!

We have supplied our trays to bars and restaurants from Hawaii, to the West Coast, to Nashville, to South Florida, to London, to Stuttgart, to Athens.  With only the one-time cost of the trays, you can make your own really nice, large rocks overnight, every night -  some tap water, maybe 10 minutes for your least skilled employee to fill and then empty the trays - no big electric bill or maintenance cost, no chain saw or chisel.

And our ten 2" cube trays are a completely scalable solution - you can start with a few, and buy more as you need them.  We offer a 10% discount on an order of two or more, so, for a little over $100, shipping included, you can get started with four trays.  Buy yourself a $12 six pack cooler to store the cubes under the bar, and you've got your own "clear ice program" for a song.   (And we offer larger discounts for larger orders.)

Zero cents per drink for big, beautiful clear ice cubes is a much better value proposition than an extra 60 to 80 cents per drin

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I’m coming in from Chicago with a lot of experience using Clinebell machines. Unfortunately, we don’t have space for a Clinebell and sourcing ice is expensive. I came across your product and found it better than other molds I’ve come across.
I’m happy to work with you!
— Mary Lou, Bar Manager at a New Restaurant in Naples, FL - tried one - came back for 10 more!