weird science!

Ice Ladies.png

Clear ice is not just more beautiful than cloudy ice.  It is also WAY more pure than the water from which it comes.  Before refrigeration, ice was harvested from lakes in the winter, stored in ice houses and them brought out in the summer.  In 1890, The Massachusetts Department of Public Health studied the quality of melt water from clear lake ice, and discovered that it was safe to drink even if the lake itself was polluted.  This is because the directional freezing that occurs on the surface of a lake - the same principle that creates ClearlyFrozen ice - pushes not only the cloud of dissolved air, but also everything else in the lake water downward, even reducing the bacteria count by up to 99%!

We tested this by mixing up a batch of dark green food coloring in water, and freezing it in a regular ice cube tray and a ClearlyFrozen ice cube tray.  In the regular tray, the food coloring had no place to go, so the cubes (on the sides) came out dark green.  In the ClearlyFrozen tray, not only the cloud, but also the the food coloring was forced downward, and largely eliminated from the cubes (center).


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